Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Goodbye Girls

I'm being totally ridiculous right now. I'm actually crying over a TV show.

I learned this afternoon (about 6 days after the fact) that my staple Tuesday night event is ending. And next week no less.

Yes folks, Gilmore Girls is about to become a thing of reruns. While I watched last night's episode that Jason had recorded (I was busy kung fuing), it hit me. I savored every bit of it, and didn't get emotional until the end when they showed a preview of next week's episode under the banner "Series Finale." I sort of got the weepy eyed thing going at first - you know, where the corners of your mouth turn downward and little tears begin to form. Then I got to thinking of seven years ago when the show started, when my addiction started. Cue the waterworks.

Seven years ago was when I took the leap into teaching. Then I met Jason. Then 9-11 happened. Then Jason and I moved in together and began a new phase in our lives. I suffered a miscarriage, semi-adopted Ketchup, then later adopted Oliver. My grandmother died, my stepmother died, my grandfather died. I spent four years teaching in the public school system and lived to tell. Each summer I watched episode after episode on my newly delivered GG complete season DVDs (thanks, Amazon). Jason and I went to Colombia and he met my family. I began a new career as a grant writer and later launched my own jewelry design company. I bought a house. I watched seven years of Gilmore Girls.

Those close to me know that on Tuesdays nights I am out of pocket. They know I don't answer phones, emails, doors, smoke signals, or SOS's. They know that if I do happen to pick up the phone during commercial breaks, I'll simply say, "Watching Gilmore Girls," and hang up. They know not to take it personally.

So ends an era. I've got all the DVD box sets on call, ready to feed my addiction - to give me the jolt I need when I feel an emptiness on Tuesday nights. It seems silly, but when a ritual ends, whatever it may be, it's a loss that is felt deeply and immediately. It's just really sad.



Sara said...

I totally felt the same with Sex in the City. I know everyone loved that show. I was addicted. They were my very funny, very sexy, very fabulous girlfriends. I will admit that there was a time in my life when I wanted to BE Sarah Jessica Parker. I know that is so lame! (you can totally make fun of me) I admired her so much for the woman she was on and off the show. When it was over, I was so bummed. But, as their producer, Michael Patrick King once said in an interview, “I think it’s good to leave at the height of the party. When people want you to stay, that’s the time to go.”

Jen said...

I realized while reading this that I was there for all of your milestones...looks like GG is a marker for our friendship too :)

"where you lead..."

Tefi Two Fists said...

Of course! Our friendship has blossomed and grown (thick and thin and all that) during all of GG. Foshizzle!

Claudia Adelina said...

i know wxactly what you mean.. i remember my aunt telling me it was a great show, so i started watching it.. i feel like i've lost a dear friend *cries*