Sunday, December 2, 2007

Shoplifters of the World, Unite and Take Over

What a great song; I love The Smiths. As cute as the song "Shoplifters of the World, Unite and Take Over" is, actual shoplifters are not cool at all.

This past weekend was a blast for me. I took part in two supercool, hip and trendy art/craft shows and had so much fun! Shows give me a chance to meet people and really connect with my customers. I love the positive feedback, meeting fellow crafters, and I really love when customers who bought my stuff on Saturday, come to the other show I did on Sunday wearing my pieces. It's a total rush!

What is not a total rush is a dandy shoplifter who decided she'd take advantage of a little display I set up on the floor under my easel. She got away with a $22 necklace made with Czech glass and sterling chain. Grrr...I felt so violated! I followed her around and got one of the event coordinators to follow her as well. She got the hint and made a bee line for the back door. THEN, she had the cojones to come to the second show on Sunday (different event, different venue), and she came by my booth again! This time, I physically got between her and my displays and she got the hint. I didn't think a confrontation was worth it, so I didn't say anything. We all banded together and spread the word about her and kept an eye on her until she left. How sad is that? I talked myself down from my anger when I realized how lucky I am.

I don't have to steal things to feel better. I have a wonderful boyfriend who brings me apple sauce and granola bars when I'm hungry, who helps me with my displays when I'm too tired to stand, who helps me load the car and unload when we get home - and never complains, ever. I have a mother who is so dedicated that she stays with me at my booth for HOURS, then helps me tear down, pack up, and load my car. I have a best friend who comes to my shows and keeps me company, and makes me laugh, and passes out compliments effortlessly. Then, she helps me pack up and carry my stuff to my car. AND, she understands my compulsive organizational craziness, and accepts it with a smile.

So to that woman who stole from me (and most likely others): I'm sorry your life is not the bowl of cherries that it should be. I wish better things for you.

If you're feeling as thankful and zen-like as I am, perhaps you'll make a contribution to those less-fortunate. Here are a couple websites to get you started (the first is the charity I work for and the second is the charity Jason, my boyfriend, works for):

The Vogel Alcove Childcare Center for the Homeless
Jonathan's Place


Funky Finds said...

wow, i am shocked that this happened. and so sorry you had to endure such a violation! jessica

Tracey said...

OMG! I am so sad that that happened to you! I loved your stuff so much, I'm the one that bought the Alice in Wonderland. I love to wear it, it's just so pretty. Boy, I can't believe someone did that. Grrr....

Stephanie said...

Thank you Jessica and Tracey for your comments. I figure being stolen from had to happen sooner or later. Some people...

Jessica - thanks for the shout-out in your blog. I'll be returning the favor shortly.

Tracey - I'm so glad you love your necklace! I love to outfit people in my handmade things.

Jen said...

It's easy to support such an amazing woman and yes, that thief must be a real piece of work to steal from handmade artists. Hey, at least she has taste!!

Much love to my favorite local artist and may this Holiday Season bring many more laughs than frowns!