Friday, December 28, 2007

Tuscan Blood Orange & the Super Sniffer

It all started with a candle. Browsing the floor at Anthropologie one afternoon, I came across an aroma that nearly knocked me down. It was heavenly. I found myself before a large oak table full of candles - on sale. (Sale! Is there no better word at Anthropologie?) I began opening each candle tin and sniff-sniff, sniff-sniff. Finally, I found the source of the smell: Pacifica's Tuscan Blood Orange soy candle.

(Now, for those of you who know me personally, you know I've got the nose of a bloodhound. I can sniff out just about anything on the wind before most humans can. Sometimes, I'm the only one to smell something like a fire or oil leak. I should work for Chanel. Or the FBI.)

I went back to Anthro a week later and bought a bar of Tuscan Blood Orange soap. Then I made another trip yesterday for a 1.2 ounce bottle of the perfume. I'm wearing it now and I swear - I can hear harps in the background...

Pacifica is an indie-owned company founded in 1995. They offer handmade candles, soaps, body butters, and perfumes in a variety of beautifully-blended aromas. Tuscan Blood Orange in particular smells like a tropical citrus garden on the banks of the Mediterranean. The soaps are a generous 6-ounce bar made with vegan glycerin, loofah bits, and natural oils. I've used mine several times already and it's still the same size as when I bought it. Ah, it's magical!

Oh, and when the candle burns itself out, there should still be some soy wax in the tin. Put the open tin in your undies drawer and BAM! You've got yourself an instant delicious sachet. Happy sniffing!

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