Thursday, December 20, 2007

You who know, tell me what love is.

After years of studying Italian, I'm pretty sure that's an accurate translation of an aria that I cannot get out of my head - "Voi Che Sapete." It's from the Marriage of Figaro by Mozart, and I it's been stuck in my head since 1995 when I first watched the BBC production of Pride & Prejudice (I know, I know.... Elizabeth Bennett sings an English translation of it.) To hear it, click here and type in "Voi Che Sapete," hit "Search" and BAM! There you go. You get about 7 versions to choose from.

The Marriage of Figaro is something I know you're familiar with, even if you don't know it yourself. There is a duettino that Tim Robbins plays in Shawshank Redemption that brings the criminals to a standing halt. Remember? Also, the Overture has been in about a thousand commercials, mostly diamond commercials ala "He went to Jared!".

Yikes. Once Mozart stops turning around in his grave, perhaps he'll be pleased with a couple of inspired pieces I made recently:

Rock Me Amadeus ring: SOLD

Rock Me Amadeus pendant: $7.50

I sold the ring last week to a gal in England, but I can easily make a duplicate if you are so inclined. The pendant is still available at my Etsy shop...(Oh my, see the video below. I just couldn't help myself.)

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