Monday, December 17, 2007

Because they're cousins...

My cousin Jon got back to the States a few weeks ago after a tour in the Navy. He stopped by Dallas this past weekend and joined us for our monthly Cheers to Charity gathering. This time, Jason and I threw a party at our place and we have some pics to prove it.

(I wish you could see my necklace up close and personal. I made it from a photo Jason took about 4 years ago of a man with a white beard, Santa hat, and red outfit, jogging at White Rock Lake. I framed it, and surrounded it with Czech glass beads in white, candy apple red, and mint green.)

The Cousins & the Aunts

2 Cousins, 1 Serb, 1 Honorary Serb

3 Crazy Cousins

3 Normal Cousins @ Cafe Izmir
(Here I'm wearing one of my new mega-big fabric button necklaces.)

Aw, can you believe I only see him about once every year or two?

Jennie Loves Chewchie

And now...the finest ladies in Dallas!

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