Friday, May 29, 2009

Tefi's Crafty Good Times

Life with Ian is, well, busy. It's incredible and magnificent, but makes keeping up with Tefi stuff rather difficult. I've been forced to become even more of a planner than I already was before. (Wha? Is that possible?) So tonight I plan to make bobbies and rings out of these super cool vintage BINGO and LOTTO markers I ordered from Etsy seller ScrapsOfTime. If I ever lay off taking pictures of Ian, I'll try to get around to taking pics of these new sweet creations. Gonna try to mix in media like buttons and fuzzy wool felt, too. Fun! With any luck, Ian will drift off around 9:30 after his last nursing session of the night, and won't wake up until...4:30am. Hmm. Is that asking too much?

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