Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Before the obesity epidemic swept across the nation, there was Fatso, a surprisingly sweet movie starring the recently deceased Dom DeLuise (d. May 4th) and Anne Bancroft (hellooooh Mrs. Robinson). From "Dominick has always been a big kid who loved eating. It was his favourite thing. Then his cousin dies from health complications due to a lack of exercise and improper diet. Antoinette, Dominick's sister, makes him promise to see a diet doctor and lose some weight. This is very hard for Dominick, but he tries. He also finds motivation when he meets Lydia, and he discovers a love that is more intense than his love of food. He spends so much time kissing and walking around with Lydia that he no longer eats as many unhealthy things, and he loses weight without even trying."
When I watched this movie years ago, I had no idea I would love it so much. I even cried at the end - happy tears. Here's to you Dom! Hope you're enjoying a hot dog in heaven.

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