Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tefi Loves: Janet Hill Studio

This afternoon, as I was doing one of my usual Etsy browsings, I came across a sweet, vibrant painting by Janet Hill Studio on the front page treasury. It's a collection of crisp summer dresses (below). If I were a fashion designer I would hang this smack in the middle of my studio for daily inspiration. (Update: The Summer Dresses print was just purchased as I was attempting to order it myself. When she relists it, I plan to buy it and hang it in my studio, even tho I'm no fashion designer).
Naturally, I clicked on the dresses print, which took me to her Etsy shop and I quickly resumed browsing through her paintings. The artist focuses mainly on still lifes of colorful, feminine apparel and scenes from different rooms in a home I wished I lived in. She paints alcoves, mantels and tabletops that seem to me as if I'm peeking into someone else's life, perhaps a life lived in a poem.

Location: Stratford, Connecticut

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