Monday, May 18, 2009

"Best Show In Dallas, Ever"

That's what I overheard time and again at Etsy Dallas' first ever Spring Bash. There was non-stop traffic, with a slight lull that lasted about 3 minutes. Then at 4:42 the crowds finally began to subside, but then it was time to pack up. Incredible! A huge thank you to Dallas shoppers who came out to support their local craft collective and spend a little dough, even when the purse straps are a bit tight these days. We thank you! It looks like all that promotion and marketing we did paid off. (Who knew I could write a killer press release?) I credit a huge chunk of all of this to Miss Pamela Michelle, my co-conspirator in the Bash. She did all the pretty, pretty graphics and makes me jealous that I was never too good at painting and drawing. Some of my favorite press moments: Daily Candy D Magazine NBC DFW (and we were on Channel 5, as one of the "Things to do in Dallas"!) Make: Zine KERA's Art+Seek Dallas Observer I blame the huge crowds of shoppers on this incredibly fantastic press. Whoo-hoo! To see more press coverage for the Bash, click here. Sadly, there was so much I'm not able to list it all. If you do a Google search, you will make it to PAGE 20 (you heard me right) before the promotion begins to subside. *jaw dropping* But the best thing is, all of our vendors had a good time. That's what matters most to me. That, and the huge wad of cash I walked away with. Holla!!! What's Next? 2009 Jingle Bash Saturday, November 21 @ Sons of Hermann Hall MARK THOSE CALENDARS!!

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Funky Finds said...

So glad it was a big success, but sad we missed it! Joe & I were both under the weather with sinus issues :( Great job though!!! Jessica