Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sunday - An Art Story

It was a bit of a chore getting up on Sunday morning after the night we spent dancing at the Mambo Room followed by bacon and eggs at the Metro! Diner. (I added the exclamation mark because it's simply that good.)

At 1pm, Jason and I headed down Jefferson Avenue to the 35-acre site of La Reunion, located at the western edge of Oak Cliff. For the past few months, Jason and I have been members of the development committee for LaR, working to find ways to raise funds and get the projects moving along. The largest and most important project is the artist residency, which will be housed on this land.

Seeing the site in person was amazing. The land is still a bit on the Grizzly Adams side, but we did see the work that has already been done. LaR hosted a tree-carving/tree-decorating event a couple weeks ago. This event has created an outdoor art exhibit of altered trees - all of them dead, dying, or non-natives. My friend and kung-fu brother, Tyler Sharp, is working on a tree with his sister, Molly. They are in the process of creating a zen-like moon garden.

We hiked the trail that had been cut, tread across a couple of ravines to the pond. There is a large portion of a train trestle leftover from the locomotive days. It's really an awesome structure (pictured). Executive director, Sarah Jane Semrad, heads LaR with co-founder Catherine Cuellar. Check out the site to see all the great programs going on with La Reunion!

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