Friday, February 22, 2008

Scout the Guide Dog

Today I had the honor of meeting a woman named Alice. Alice is blind and has a guide dog named, Scout. Sweet little (big) Scoutski is a yellow lab and he's sooooooo sweet. Wait, I said sweet twice.....okay, you get the idea. Just look at him!

I took this pic with my cell phone camera while we were walking outside Plaza of the Americas. Alice and I were part of a workshop summit-type thing and I took Scout for walks five different times throughout the day. She was happy to let me walk him, and I was thrilled to do it! I've never seen a dog so proud of himself for urinating. He'd jump at me twice to let me know he was done. For all he knew, I couldn't see!

Being around Alice and Scout today reminded me of the important role animals play in our lives every day. I feel priviledged to be around them, so kind and gentle. And even the wild ones are critical to a healthy and balanced world. This is why I remind you of my pledge to give 10% of net profits each month to an animal rescue group in my community.

Won't you make a similar pledge? Just Google "animal shelter (your city)" and consider making a donation to help the helpless, unwanted, and abused furry friends who cannot help themselves. Woof! Meow!

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