Monday, February 4, 2008

Silver Hair, You Mock Me

Lately I've been noticing a certain glistening je ne sais quoi in the mirror. It's not a new tan nor a "glow," but rather, silver hair.

Now, I'm no spring chicken, but I'm no winter duck either. (Yeah, I made that up. Go on, take it.) I mean, for chrissake! I'm only 32. There is this one particular silver hair that grows straight up from the middle part in my hair. Looks like some sort of Alfalfa joke. I pluck it when I see it, then booooooooop! There it grows again.

So to keep myself feeling young, I make fabric button jewlery that has a flair for fun, youth, and color. In fact, I'm wearing one right now made with this fabirc by Alexander Henry, and I've gotten several compliments on it today:

I made these fabric button pendants awhile ago and could not figure out how to make the backs look fabulous like the fronts. They were just a plain metal backing with a glob of glue attaching the eye pin. Horrible. But alas! I've figured out a way to make the backs pretty, and now these guys have moved out of the prototype phase and into the Buy-Me-Now phase. So enjoy!

Pictured: Mornighton Crescent, Wasabi, and Rock Me Amadeus - all available at my Etsy shop!

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