Friday, September 25, 2009

Tefi Loves: (Certain) Musicals

Technically, I do not love musicals, as a genre. For the most part, they get on my nerves, really get on my nerves. [Example: 2007's Wicked should receive public censure and a week in the stockades for ruining what I consider to be one of the best works of modern fiction.] But there are a few musicals that I hold near and dear, mostly because I grew up with them. The following Etsy items are inspired by my warm fuzzy memories of certain musicals that left an indelible mark on my childhood. Enjoy! (but don't go singin' about it):
Xanadu Roller Skate Earrings: $15 Shop: Deb Star Designs Location: Sydney, Australia

Hedwig & the Angry Inch Gummi Bear soap: $2.75 Shop: Jessica Edwardss Location: Idaho

The Sound of Music Kissing Cousins Print: $12 Shop: Made with Love by Hannah Location: Los Angeles, CA

A Chorus Line Tiny Dancer necklace: $19 Shop: Cocoa Chu Chu Location: Toronto, Canada

Grease! John Travolta Cross-Stitch Pattern: $4 Shop: All Stitches Location: somewhere in the U.S.

Grease! 2 Motorcycles photograph: $18 Shop: Eva Vaughan Location: Louisville, KY

Annie She wants to live with grandma Doll: $12 Shop: pocomedio Location: Port Clinton, OH

Little Shop of Horrors Venus Fly Trap Skinny Tie: $30 Shop: Jes Switaj Location: Brooklyn, NY

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