Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

What a blast of a weekend. Most of it was spent with my 7-month old Ian, my baby daddy Jason, my dog Oliver, and my home sweet home. Oh, and lots of thrift store/estate sale shoppin'! Pictured below are some of my finds. Not pictured is some super ugly kitschy cool deer fabric and three card table covers hand-embroidered with the symbols: heart, club, diamond, clover. Gorgeous!
Yellow shadowbox I snagged from Goodwill for $2.99 and the wire shelf from an estate sale for $20. And notice the supercool frame to the right. My new necklace display! I painted it avocado green and did a super secret something to it, then covered it in woodgrain fabric.

Three funky composer busts (Mozart, Beethoven, Bach) also from Goodwill, 59 cents each. These guys were screamin' for a new coat of paint.

Close-up of my music dudes. Another Goodwill snag - antique Danish cups. Used for...? I got two plus one saucer with a minor chip. Total: $1.77.
Close-up of my new Danish cup. Toby came from an estate sale. He keeps Oliver company during the day. Found this at a thrift store near my office. I wanted the frame so now I'm selling this handmade vintage cross-stitch in my Etsy shop.


LaAlicia said...

wow, you did some serious shopping! The tellow shadow box is my fave but the music dudes are a close second!

pamela michelle said...

OHHHHHH! Me love all of it. I'm so going estating this weekend. Hope to make a new hope for some sweet items looking for one.