Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tefi Loves: Linda Lee Studio

I met Linda over 25 years ago. We were in the children's choir at First Presbyterian in downtown Dallas. We went on countless youth group trips together, camping, having fun. My favorite: choir trip, Montreat, NC in 1987. Today, Linda and I share the jewelry-making passion. I ran into her at my very first craft show back in 2006, and we've kept in touch since. Enjoy my interview with her below. Are her pieces beautiful, or what? What was the first handmade object you made? I think it was a little wreath made out of a pipe cleaner and plastic beads. Or maybe it was a reindeer made from three clothespins? When did you start making jewelry? I picked up jewelry making as a hobby in 2004 (I'd been on-again-off-again up till that point), and I decided to make it a business in 2006. That's when I opened my Etsy shop and started going to craft fairs. Tell me about your "real" job. A leadership insights business analyst in the business innovations department for an international snack food company. That sounds so technical, doesn't it? How do you balance your jewelry business with other things in your life? I end up working in spurts. I'll spend an entire weekend making jewelry. Or during the week I design in the evenings and then end up making that design another evening. Jewelry is a creative outlet for me, and if I don't get enough time to create, my mood definitely sinks! I try to make sure that doesn't happen. Where do you find your inspiration? Honestly? Everyday life. I once received a free set of beads from a lampwork artist that were technically wonderful, but she felt the color combination was a bit of a stretch. I let them sit in my bead box for almost a year, and then one day I pulled [them] out and turned them into a necklace that makes the color combination successful. I will place limitations like that on myself specifically to flex my design muscles. What's your workspace/studio like? My work space is my "comfy chair" in the living room. My jewelry supplies are in bins that fit under the coffee table. When I'm working, the ottoman, coffee table, and a TV tray are all occupied with wire, tools, beads, etc. It's a pain to keep everything organized, but for now it's what I've got. Tell me about a favorite piece you've made. This is still my favorite necklace, made with this focal bead by Sarah Hornik (below). This was one of the first beads Sarah made after a trip to Murano. This bead does a good job representing the magic - love, light, freedom, whimsy, and happiness - that we all felt during our time in Italy. I feel extra confident and happy when I wear this piece. I suppose my emotional connection serves to elevate the design and my feelings when I wear it. Any future plans for Linda Lee Studio? At this point, I want to continue growing the business online through my Etsy site and blog. I enjoy writing, and I'm getting better about updating my shop. I'd like to continue that trend. Shop: Blog: Location: Frisco, Texas

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