Thursday, June 18, 2009

Raise a Glass of Leninade

For my first Mother's Day, Jason bought me a new closet (basically, my old one collapsed and imploded - loooong story) and this t-shirt here to the left. The Golden Girls kept my sanity intact during those early weeks of motherhood. Thank you Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and especially Sophia! Now it's his turn. His first Father's Day is just around the corner and I couldn't help but give him his gifts early. I know, I know yeah whatever - he wanted them! So in addition to a new set of much-needed headphones and a Cat Steven's Best of CD (including the song "Father and Son"), I got Jason a little something snarky I knew he would love.

These upcycled bottles of Leninade soda by YAVA Glass were the perfect Father's Day gift. They also sell beer and vodka bottle glasses, too. I wish I could have one of each!

So here's to you, Pops. Let's raise a glass of Leninade to all the dads out there!

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