Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Free Gift Boxes!

My oh my, do I love a good deal. Last weekend I found myself smack dab in the middle of a close-out sale at Macy's in Valley View Mall. As I rummaged through the damaged, faded, sad-looking displays, I came across a stash of gift boxes. I was all over it! The price wasn't as good for me had I had the patience to wait, but no way was I going to let someone else get them. *wink*

So I bought 40 gift boxes in two separate floral patterns. One is a metallic print with purples, pinks, and blues; the other is a bright print that reminds me of Matisse collages. While supplies last, all purchase (that fit) will be shipped to your door in one of these pretty little gift boxes. Enjoy!

(By the by, I was a little saddened to see Macy's close up shop at Valley View. Back when it was a Sanger Harris, Logan's Run was filmed there. Don't know what Sanger Harris is? Then you were probably born after 1980. Don't know what Logan's Run is? Oh my. My, my, my. Get yourself to your nearest video shop now!)

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