Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gogol Bordello - La la-la-la LA!

Last night's show was unlike any other I'd seen at The Granada: the Flaming Lips, Grandaddy, Belle & Sebastian. All of these are my top favorites, and now I can move Gogol Bordello onto that list.

From the very opening chords, Gogol Bordello rocked the house. With their punky eastern European flavor, they instantly reminded me of The Pogues and The Clash - more favorites! Eugene Hutz, the leader of GB, sounds so much like Shane McGowan with a Serbian accent. (Well, he's Ukrainian, but he sounds just like my Serb friend, Nikola.) And then they did one song that reminded me so much of "Guns of Brixton" and "Straight to Hell," both by The Clash. Joe Strummer would have been proud!

They did "Start Wearing Purple" (below) on the soundtrack to Liev Schreiber's Everything Is Illuminated starring a very quirky Elijah Wood. He's so strange and adorable in this, you'll forget he was ever a hobit. Here's a taste:


pamela michelle said...

ok, so you got me hooked on Gogol Bordello. I went to their site and downloaded 2 of their songs and I've been listening to them on repeat at my desk all day.

Dance dance in the office chair!!!

Stephanie said...

Aren't they a blast, Pamelita? I can just see you now groovin' away at the office...Betsy's like: what the hey? ;)