Thursday, March 18, 2010

Me & Ian

My little Ian monster turned 14 months yesterday. Hard to believe! We have fun in the morning. Here we are playing around on the bed just before leaving for work. I had a little Ian fun of my own today by searching "Ian" on Etsy. Here are some great handmade items I found: 1) Ian the Boston Terrier by ANichelleDesign, 2) Ian Pants! by TheCharlotteLetters, 3) Ian Goes Puddle Jumping art print by megalunostudio, 4) Insomniac Ian the Owl by SavageArtworks, 5) Ian the Butterbean by bitofwhimsyprims, 6) Ian Curtis dress (love him to pieces) by IdilViceFashionRocks

1 comment:

IdilVice said...

Hi - Love the blog! I wanted to let you know that I've moved my etsy shop and the Ian Curtis Dress link no longer works... could you replace it with this link to my online shop?

Thanks, You Rock!