Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jewelry Spotlight: Cardinal Necklace

These days it's all about the owl. Or the peacock. Don't get me wrong, I'm just as guiltly as the next designer, but I thought it was time to give a little fauna love to another bird: the cardinal. There's a female who lives in our yard and likes to fight with herself in my driver-side mirror. She flaps her wings and caws at herself, then flits away to perch on the top of the mirror, then starts the dance all over again. I love to watch the theater unfold from my spot on the bed. Here's to you, dear red-feathered friend! Price: $25 Materials: pressed Czech glass, vintage cabochon, toggle clasp Size: approximately 17"L One-of-a-Kind Available in my Etsy shop Other birdy necklaces by Tefi, starring the ever-trendy owl and peacock:

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