Monday, August 11, 2008

The Splurge

Now that I'm really starting to protrude (no hiding it now), clothes shopping is pretty much out of the question unless there's a drawstring involved. Shoe shopping is also near non-existent since those cute Coach heels are both out of my price range and about a million inches too high.

So I decided to shirk Friday rush hour traffic and spend a couple hours toddling around NorthPark in search of some great accessories. I was prepared to splurge a bit, and splurge I did. I bought my first designer handbag - a black hobo number from Guess - and the new Burberry fragrance The Beat. (I had already worn out the paper sample from the latest Lucky edition, so it was time to graduate to the real deal.)

Moral of the Story: Splurge on yourself once in a while! If you live a fairly financially conservative life, the Splurge is that much sweeter.

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