Monday, May 5, 2008

Tender Twig

I got this Google alert in my inbox this morning: History of the “Book of Tephi"

That led me to a Google search where I found this information:

Teia Tephi was the daughter ("Tender Twig") of the king of Jerusalem whom Jeremiah went forth to 'plant' in Ireland after the destruction of Zedekiah, king of Jerusalem in c. 588 B.C.

The Book of Tephi describes the journey Jeremiah took with Teia Tephi, The Lia Fail, and The Ark of The Covenant from Jerusalem to Ireland, via Tanis in Egypt (as in Raiders of The Lost Ark), then on to Gibraltar (where Tephi was proclaimed queen of the Gadite Israelites); Breogan in Spain; Cornwall and eventually landing at Howth, near Dublin, in Ireland on the 18th. of June 583 B.C.

And here's what Wikipedia has to say about it:

The Irish, or Insular Celts, are descended from the Ten Lost Tribes. Proponents of this theory state that there is evidence that the prophet Jeremiah came to Ireland with Princess Tea Tephi, a member of the Israelite royal family. Proponents of this theory point to various parallels between Irish and ancient Hebrew culture. For example, they note that the harp, the symbol of Ireland, also plays a role in Jewish history, as the musical instrument of King David. Some maintain that the Tribe of Dan conducted sea voyages to Ireland and colonized it as early as the period of the Judges.

No wonder I've always loved trees and twigs and tiaras and Harp lager!

See also: Scota Tephi, descendant of Scota, Egyptian princess and founder of the Gaels

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