Friday, May 2, 2008


It's a strange world when celebrities get all sorts of free goods, and us hoi polloi get to toil away and pay for the honor of them getting freebies. Funnily enough tho, I'm not even complaining! No, I'm actually pretty stoked. See, I've been selected to shuck up $100 bucks and 75 promo items to go into swag bags at the next MTV Gift Lounge. Now, I don't even know what the MTV Gift Lounge is yet - I will research, I promise! - but I do know that it's a place where 60 celebs, 10 press people, 3 charities, and 2 displays get these swag bags, which will include Tefi's needlefelted Shaken, Not Stirred olive hairsticks. Whoa nelly! the adorable Anne Heche wearing handmade swag at the 2006 MTV Style Lounge So thanks to Allison at The Sampler for selecting me, and pre-thanks to my mom and Jen who have enlisted themselves to help me package these little guys! Oh, and they're due in a couple weeks.... Do these celebs know what we crafters suffer? Why, hello there Detective Sandoval...

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