Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Is Anthropologie stalking me?

I'm flattered. I really am. So I get a message in my inbox just now about new Anthropologie clothes for the Fall season. Every time they send me an email I check out their jewelry to see what's new and exciting. Just now I was looking over some of their new necklaces and had several "Nuh-uh, no way!" moments. I swear, they ganked my designs and made their own! Okay, probably not, but the similarities are uncanny. Sadly, I can't post pics off their site b/c they are protected now, but I'll show you my design and then a link to their piece. Here we go; you be the judge-diggity:

Tefi's Dancing Koi necklace vs. Anthro's One-Act necklace

Tefi's Owl necklace vs. Anthro's Thinker & Feeler necklace

Tefi's Bloodstone necklace vs. Anthro's Chrysalis necklace

Tefi's Catch of the Day necklace with Anthro's Catch of the Day necklace (The eerieness is solely in the name, not the design.)

Aaaand then I sorta kinda like maybe just a little bit stole this idea from them:

Tefi's Farrah necklace vs. Anthro's Cloisonne Blossom necklace

Darnit I love Anthropologie. Commission me already! (Pretty please?)


Sara said...

Hey lovely! gosh things are really coming along in the world of tefi. I am loving the site updates and the blog is growing in a great direction. on the note of Anthropologie, they are crazy stalkers with no regard for artistic integrity...if they stole you designs that is. Sort of crazy if they didn't. That means there is another designer out there thinking like you!!!

Sea Dream Studio said...

Anthro's got nnothing on Tefi! Your jewels rock!