Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Etsy Dallas!

For those of you yet to discover the wonderful world of Etsy, get your mouse clickin' over to www.etsy.com. You'll find yourself lost among the earrings, scarves, art prints and more that the world's handmade crafters have to offer - Tefi included!

Just to give you a refresher, I have two shops open at Etsy: one that sells my handmade jewelry, and one that sells beads and supplies straight out of my own stash.

There is so much greatness on Etsy that it's hard to stand out. So I decided to start Etsy Dallas. Etsy Dallas is what the Etsy gurus refer to as a "street team," a group of people in the same location who band together to promote themselves, each other, and Etsy.

Last week I sent a slew of emails to fellow Etsy crafters in Dallas and was overwhelmed by the positive responses. So far, the following is a list of current and active Etsy Dallas members:

One Up Designs - modern wall graphics
Atom-In - magnets, clips
Sea Dream Studio - collage jewelry
Shayo - graphic art/prints
Sweet Papery - custom-made rubber stamps
B-licious - bags/baby goods/fabric crafts
Tefi Designs (facilitator) - handcrafted jewelry

Want to join us? Well then:
1) You must have an Etsy shop that is current and stocked. It's okay if you haven't made any sales or are new to etsy.
2) You must guarantee that all of your products are handmade by you or are supplies for crafters/artists (beads, commercial yarn, paint, etc.)
3) You must live in the Dallas area (the metroplex).

If you meet these guidelines, we'd love to have you! Send me an email and we'll get you on board. In the meantime, I'll be coming up with an initial banner and logo. Then we'll start meeting and brainstorming on how we can promote our Etsy shops to buyers and crafty-aficianados in the Dallas area. Exciting! Here's a taste of what Etsy Dallas has to offer:

Owl collage by ShayO

Juliet Primrose bag by B-licious

Frida Kahlo earrings by Sea Dream Studio

Halloween custom address stamp by Sweet Papery

Opulent wall graphic decals by One Up Designs

Peapod I by yours truly

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Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club said...

I should have known you were behind the Etsy Dallas. I just sent you guys a My Space post :)