Thursday, April 28, 2011

A photo journey through my crafty madness.

Here's a little photo essay walking you through all of my behind-the-scenes preparation for this Saturday's 3rd Annual Spring Bash. What you're seeing is the final stage of what has been a half-year-long process getting handmade product ready, reworking my displays, painting, swearing, cussing, loving and creating. If you aren't in Dallas, you have 2 more days to shop my goods in my Etsy shop before I close it down for the weekend.

{all taken with my new iPhone!!!}

fabric rings $8

super secret, newly-repainted beautiful display built by Dowdy Studio

hair clips and hair bobbies for $10 on my newly-painted pegboard display

pottery shard necklaces for $25 and all sorts of pretty earrings

the new gridwall set-up; it's a work in progress

check out that gorgeous new wall art, top right

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