Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tefi Loves: Robots!

Ever since I bought a two robot prints at The Girlie Show a couple months ago for Ian's room, I've been robot crazy. For him, of course. I've purchased robot fabric with plans to make a garland for his room spelling out "Ian's Room" and now I see robots everywhere! Here are a few of my favorites: 1) Wall decals by designfruit, 2) Box block by johnwgolden, 3) Messenger bag by rainbowswirlz, 4) Finger puppet by stayawake, 5) Bifold wallet by ThienThanh, 6) Boys' t-shirt by happyfamily 1) Lunch sack by JulieMeyer, 2) Crayon walllet by GetSassed, 3) Art print by falldowntree, 4) Necklace by BellaSmiles, 5) Notecards by zuckerpix, 6) Art print by artandphilanthropy And let's not forget my very own robot creation that I sold over a year ago. He's made with a vintage charm and sterling silver wire wrapped with a crystal. I give you V.I.N.CENT:


Fall.Down.Tree said...

Thanks for including me!! You have a great blog!!

JulieMeyer said...

Love Faldowntree's robot print and your idea of a pennant/banner. Thanks for including my Lunch Bag - Julie

jgaylor said...

Hey, those are my robots in slot number 1. Thanks for featuring! You have really nice jewelry work.