Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tefi Loves: Birka Scandinavian

I was heartbroken (and still am) when I couldn't find my beautiful emerald ring with a white gold band that my mom bought for me in Colombia. I wanted to replace it with something equally as beautiful and meaningful, and that's when I found Marie of Birka Scandinavian. She was so patient as we went back and forth creating the perfect custom ring order: 1 garnet band for Ian, one citrine band for Jason, and one emerald band for me - all our birthday stones. I wasn't sure what my ring size was, so for $3 I purchased her ring sizer and came out to the perfect fit - 7-1/4. According to Marie, she buys her gems and silver from very reputable suppliers in the US. The sterling silver is 92.5 % or higher in silver content, but on her thin bands she doesn't stamp "sterling" as this would distort the wire. Any independent certified gemologist and assayer is capable of confirming the composition of a stone and the purity of the metal. In other words, you're guaranteed to get something beautiful, affordable, and authentic when you get a piece of jewelry from Birka Scandinavian. Anyone who knows me knows that I rarely, if ever, where another person's jewelry. I like to be my own walking billboard for my own jewelry. But other than Pam's "Ian" pendant she made for me, and now my Birka rings - I stick strictly to Tefi Designs. The rings arrived a few days ago, and Jason presented them to me as my Christmas gift from him. GORGEOUS. Tack, Marie!

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