Monday, December 15, 2008

Tefi Loves: Nut and Bee

When perusing Nut and Bee's art print repertoire, it's impossible to settle on just one sweet little animal or flora print. Her characters are charming and simple, some just looking at you with curious eyes, some engaged in odd little activities. Choose from a large selection of art prints to liven up your walls, write sweet little notes on her stationery and top it off with a rubber stamp or three. Nut and Bee also offers note pads, write-on labels, and stickers. You can also find her work at Moo and make mini cards or gift cards with her art. So many sweet offerings! Clockwise from top left: Puffy Puffer Puffing, Treetop Koala, Tusker and Son, Bruno and Oliver, Hot Tea Tortoise, Whirlipig, Gopher Peeping, Bunnylump, Toadstool Treat Shop: Blog: Location: Auckland, New Zealand

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