Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Consignment Advice

Today Etsy Dallas members have been chatting on a group post about our consignment experiences and advice, and here's what I told the group. It was good to remember my experience and be able to share it with others. Wish someone had told me these things a year ago! (1) Never put your items in a shop without first signing a contract. Yikes! I made that mistake. (2) I would never put my stuff in a shop (again) that does not assume theft or damage liability. I had my jewelry in a local shop for several months and when it was all said and done, I lost about $120 worth of goods that were either damaged or "missing." Bad news bears, my friends. (3) I won't consign with someone who does not have merchandising experience or isn't open to letting me collaborate on displaying my goods. I had my stuff in this same shop and cringed whenever I walked in and saw how they were displaying my items. Horrible! (4) If you get a feeling that the people you are dealing with aren't exactly professional, you're probably right. Listen to those instincts. Basically, don't be so desperate or star-struck to get your items in a shop that you don't first think about what's right for you. You are doing them a favor by letting them sell your handmade goods and keeping a cut of the price! Right now I have my stuff at The House of Dang, and let me tell you those boys are simply awesome. Stop by and get you some cool vintage and handmade goods...uh, like my fabric button bobby pins!

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