Friday, October 31, 2008

Tefi Loves: Nature Printing

Nature Printing: 30 Projects for Creating Beautiful Prints, Wearables, and Home Furnishings by Laura Donnelly Bethmann

There's nothing that bring the crafter closer to nature than using what she provides us to create fun and beautiful art, clothing or home goods.

Since the beginning of times, man has attempted to capture and codify the beauty of the natural world around him, be it cave paintings or collecting specimens.

In Nature Printing, Bethmann shows the reader the ease and simplicity of choosing the right nature specimens and using ink to impress them onto a surface such as paper or cloth, much like the science of fingerprinting.

In addition to projects, Bethmann goes into the history of nature printing both abroad and in the US, and furnishes the reader with several techniques and sources for using the right materials and tools.

Use nature prints to adorn stationery, tea towels, baby onesies, fine art prints - any surface works! And unlike flower pressing, the objects used to print do not have to be flat. So grab that apple out of the fruit basket and get to printing!

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