Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm In the Paper! Part 1

Today Oak Cliff People, a branch of People Newspapers in Dallas, featured yours truly in a Q&A session. Here's the content (below), and here's a link:

Age: 33

Occupation: I work professionally as a grant writer/fundraiser for the Vogel Alcove Childcare Center for the Homeless, a local non-profit. At night, I’m a crafting maniac, focusing mostly on jewelry, needle felting, and fabric crafts.

What is your favorite word? “discombobulated” – I love the way it crashes out of my cheeks and off my tongue. It’s too bad you can’t be “combobulated” since that seems to be a more preferable state than discombobulation.

What is your least favorite word? “taxes”

What is the best part of your job? Professionally, I get to write and do research all day, which I love, and the end result is providing free care and developmental services for very young children living in poverty. As for the crafting side of my occupation, I love being a leader in the local handmade movement. I founded and lead Etsy Dallas, a local craft collective of over 100 artisans. We put on two big art/craft shows a year, and I’ve come to find that I really love event-planning.

What’s your single favorite thing about Oak Cliff? I love the people. The feeling of community is very strong here, and there’s a warmth I haven’t found in any other part of Dallas. It’s like living in a tight-knit, hip small town with the view of the downtown skyline in my back yard.

What’s your least favorite thing about Oak Cliff? We’ve recently been hit by robberies and break-ins in my sweet little hamlet of North Cliff. That has us all mobilizing to do something about it. So I guess, it’s a blessing in disguise in that it’s bringing the neighborhood even closer together.

After your death, how would you like to be remembered? I’d like to be remembered as a benevolent leader and out-spoken trailblazer who wanted to make her corner of the world a better place.

What is your greatest pet peeve? People who react without thinking things through. It makes sense that this is also one of my biggest character flaws.

What is your guilty pleasure? midnight episodes of Golden Girls on Lifetime

What is your favorite quote? “Walk softly and carry a big stick. You shall go far.” I’m a huge fan of Teddy Roosevelt.

What hidden talents do you have? Hidden? I don’t really hide things well. I’m an open book. I guess most people don’t know that I can walk on my feet with my toes completely curled under. It creeps people out at parties and I just love that. I can thank early years of ballet for this “talent.”

If you wrote a book, what would it be about and why? I would write a collection of short stories, and if I’m lucky they would be half as good as anything by Flannery O’Conner.

What is something people don’t know about you? I’d like to start a movement to make coffee the 6th food group. In my world, it’s a daily requirement.

Name a local hero. My heroes are the trailblazing French and Belgian founders of the original La Reunion. I betcha they walked softly and carried very big sticks. While La Reunion as a utopia failed in the end, it wasn’t for lack of trying. It’s existence shaped what Oak Cliff is today – a haven for creative types who aren’t afraid to take risks.

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bbrunophotography said...

Stephanie, I agree - coffee ought to be the 6th food group! Nothing like a good cuppa first thing in the morning.

I discovered your blog through a friend's link on Etsy. I can see I'm going to enjoy it. Good for you, getting the interview in the paper!