Friday, September 12, 2008

Books Are Fun! Reading Is Cool!

My crafty pal Jen of Naughty Secretary Club just emailed me to let me know that she's doing a book signing at Make on Saturday, Sept. 20 from 3-5pm. She doesn't want only her parents to show up (c'mon now, she's a crafty legend!), so let's show her some Big D love and show up in droves!

Check out her blog about the event HERE.

And her book HERE (but wait to buy it at the signing, if you can make it).

I managed a book store in college, and let me tell you that book signings are really a lot of fun - esp. when there are cupcakes!


Funky Finds said...

i can't wait! see you next weekend.

b.liscious said...

Wish I didn't have to work. Have fun and see you tonight!